Natural cosmetics enriched with precious drops of golden Immortelle oil poured into anti-age cream, 
serum and S.O.S balm for sensitive skin.

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About us...

Immortelle Deluxe Natural Cosmetics was created as a result of years of work by the whole family. Through the entire process from planting, picking, distillation of Immortelle and developing our own formulas to the finished products, our guiding thought was the desire to share a piece of our love for the island and nature with you.

• Let your skin experience a fraction of Lošinj 

In order to take advantage of all benefits of Immortelle, the plant we grow on our plantation located on Lošinj, an island of untouched nature and Mediterranean vegetation with a lot of aromatic plants, we have combined a traditional recipe with a modern science. In searching of the perfect formula we got a unique, natural and especially effective Immortelle Deluxe product line. This fabulous plant with aromatic and healing characteristics can resist on high temperatures and extreme drought preserving a priceless essential oil in its delicate yellow flowers and thin green leaves. In July, our plantation, on the sun-drenched rocks, turns yellow with an almost golden glow …. Then, it is time for picking and distillation. We pick Immortelle once a year in July when it is in full bloom. Steam distillation of fresh flowers gives an essential oil with exceptional chemical profile.

The most important active ingredients of the Immortelle essential oil are:
- alpha-pinene - with anti-inflammatory characteristics
- italodion - with regenerating characteristics
- neryl-acetate - as a fragrant, antioxidant and anti-aging component.

We decided to implement the limited amount of Immortelle essential oil obtained by steam distillation in a several exclusive products. After careful selection, we designed our own formula that gives you an opportunity to experience all the benefits of marvelous Immortelle on your skin.
Through all the steps we took care of the details, such as the choice of exceptional ingredients, environmentally friendly primary and secondary packaging and the unique visual design.