Natural cosmetics enriched with precious drops of golden Immortelle oil  poured into anti-age cream, serum and S.O.S balm for sensitive skin.


Mediterranean Immortelle, lat. Helichrysum italicum, is an aromatic plant that predominates in the Mediterranean, especially on the sunny rocks. It grows in the form of semi-bush (30 - 60 cm high) with narrow leaves, yellow flowers and particularly pleasant, layered, very intense perfume scent. With its golden yellow flowers immortelle resists drought and high summer temperatures, so it is not surprising that the Latin name for immortelle - helichrysum italicum was translated from Greek and means golden sun (helios - sun; chrysos - gold).
It is also known as a „plant that never fades“ because a freshly picked immortelle bouquet retains its appearance for a very long time and therefore often bears different names such as „immortalis“ or „immortelle“, which means „immortal“ or „eternal“. The French name for immortelle is Immortelle and the English name is Everlasting. The people in Croatia use different names for it like “magriž, cmilje, cmilj, zlatnocvita trava…”. 

From ancient times the Greeks knew and appreciated the exceptional benefits of immortelle – a simple plant of immortal flowers, golden like a sun, and beautiful aromatic perfume scent. According to Greek myths, the Greek god Apollo wore a wreath of immortelle, a flower that never fades, to remind people of his immortality. The beautiful Nausicaa, the daughter of King of Phaeacia, according to legend, used immortelle oil for her beauty and shinning skin. Although those are just legends, there are a lot of old records of the traditional use of immortelle.
Today, many studies have confirmed that immortelle „a flower that never fades“, deserves a high place in aromatherapy and in the cosmetic industry.

- Collagen synthesis
- strong antioxidant effect
- reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
- enhanced tonus and skin elasticity
- reduction of tinny inconsistencies
- equilibrated and shining complexion

Those are characteristics that make immortelle highly valued in the cosmetic industry.
Immortelle contains very little essential oil, so in order to obtain a kilogram of oil it is required about a ton of fresh plant.
It has to be distilled within 24 hours after picking. The varieties rich of italodiones (the most effective compounds that help with absorption of hematomas and also effectively stimulate tissue regeneration) are considered the most favorable for therapeutic use. Thanks to its composition, immortelle essential oil has a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. 

The essential oil in aromatherapy and cosmetics can be used for:

- wrinkles
- hyperpigmentation
- acne
- dilates, inflamed veins, broken capillaries
- scars, keloids, stretch marks
- atopic dermatitis, psoriasis
- hematomas (bruises) and injuries

Protective role of immortelle on the skin:

- acts strongly against free radicals
- affects significantly collagen production
- improves microcirculation and skin detoxification
- has an antiseptic and purifying effect on the skin
- stimulates tissue changes